In June 2006 I joined Andy Biggs (www.andybiggs.com) and 10 other photographers on a photo safari across 3 destinations in Tanzania. Many trips in Africa call themselves photo safaris (to differentiate from the still existent hunting safaris).  However, while most trips to Africa can be a wonderful experience and many are suitable for photographers, few are specifically geared to keen photographers.  Andy's trips are.  Andy himself is part knowledgeable wildlife photographer, part congenial host and part logistics manager.  Few can pull off this combination of roles;  Andy does so with aplomb. 

Much can be written about Tanzania as a wildlife (not to mention landscape) destination, but I will leave others to do so.  Suffice it to say that for those who have not yet visited Africa, the picture in most minds of an African wildlife experience IS the Serengeti.  There are many other wonderful wildlife trips to be had on the continent, but in my book this is the definitive experience.http://www.andybiggs.comshapeimage_3_link_0
Lake Manyara National Parkhttp://www.nmoorephoto.net/manyara
Ngorongoro Craterhttp://www.nmoorephoto.net/ngorongoro
Maasai Villagehttp://www.nmoorephoto.net/maasai
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