Namibia May 2006
My wife and I visited Namibia for the third time in May 2006.  We spent about two thirds of the trip within the NamibRand Nature Reserve adjoining the Namib Naukluft National Park and the balance of the trip flying from Sossusvlei up to the Kunene river on the Angolan border and back to Windhoek.

The NamibRand contains some classic Namibian dune scenery with mountains as the back drop.  The dunes themselves are not as immense as father west at Sossusvlei, and there is more vegetation.  Within the reserve there is a walking trail (Tok Tokkie Trails) and several private lodges.  Dead Vlei, part of the Sossusvlei system, is a unique and graphic landscape of dead Leadwood trees whose source of annual moisture was cut off by the advancing sands centuries ago.

The third section of our trip was a 'flying safari'. Our pilot was Andre Schoeman whose family company Skeleton Coast Safaris has been running these trips for 20 years. As we flew generally north from the Sossusvlei area Andre would drop the Cesna 210 down here and there - onto a beach to check out the remains of 1920s diamond mining; into a dry river valley to visit a permanent spring and see Welwitshia plants which can be aged in millennia; into the dunes of the northern Namib.  This was a unique and very special experience. In almost two decades of travel in Africa, we have never had a more knowledgeable guide than Andre. Highly recommended.
NamibRand Nature Reserve
Northern Namibia
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